What Wedding Planners REALLY Want From Photographers - Get the Inside Advantage for just $50


96 Page PDF of all the Keynote Slides from the international debut of "What Wedding Planners REALLY Want from Photographers". This PDF includes all slides, charts, graphs, and dozens of candid comments made by Wedding Planners. Once purchased, you will receive an email with the content within 48 hours.

100 Wedding Planners from across the USA answer the following questions:

1. How many years have you had your business as a wedding planner?

2. How many hours per week do you work in your business?

3. How many weddings did your company coordinate in 2011?

4. Assume you are planning a wedding for a client with 100 guests. What is a low, average, and high budget for the weddings you plan?

5. While creating a budget, how much do most of your clients think they will pay to hire a wedding photographer?

6. How much do your clients actually spend when they book with a wedding photographer?

7. Do most of your clients spend more money on extra prints and albums after the wedding?

8. What is your average fee for planning a wedding?

9. What 3 things would you really like from wedding photographers?

10. What would your BRIDES love from wedding photographers?

11. How do you determine which photographer to refer to a particular client?

12. What is most important to your brides in hiring a photographer?

13. How many photographers are on your referral list?

14. How many photographers do you refer to one bride?

15. How often do you add new photographers to your referral list?

16. What does a new photographer have to do to get on your radar?

17. Has the economy changed how you refer photographers?

18. When is it appropriate to mediate or negotiate with photographers on behalf of the bride?

19. Do you ever request a commission from the photographers you refer?

20. Do you ever accept commissions from the photographers you refer?

21. How can photographers help contribute to creating a schedule for wedding day timeline?

22. What should a photographer wear on a wedding day?

23. What are your photographer “pet peeves”?

24. What mistakes do you see photographers make on the wedding day?

25. Think of your favorite photographers to work with. How would you describe them?

26. Do you have a favorite “hero story” when a photographer went above and beyond their expected services?

27. After the wedding, how do you prefer to see the images?

28. Do you want to select your favorites?

29. What Social Media do you use to promote your business? Please mark all.

30. Do you follow any photographer blogs regularly? If so who?

31. How do you show images to perspective clients?

32. What should photographers keep in mind when making you sample albums?

33. How important is it to get your weddings published on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being most important.

34. Who do you prefer to submit your weddings for publishing? Select All.

35. Any last advice to convey to wedding photographers?

Are you ready to find out "What Wedding Planners REALLY Want from Photographers"?